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Traveling While Vegan: Top 3 Tips

If you live in LA like me, or any city that embraces veganism, you know how easy it is to find delicious food! We have many vegan restaurants and most places have at least a couple vegan options on their menu. Sometimes while traveling, you might be in a city that hasn’t quite caught on yet. This could make you feel frustrated, make you feel like you have to starve, or tempt you to just eat meat or dairy. Depending on where you are in your journey, this could be a huge set back. Don’t worry, check out these 3 tips to help you maintain your veganism while traveling!

Pack Snacks for the Flight

Searching for reasonably priced and tasty vegan food in the airport is impossible. Typically you could get some fries, maybe a salad, overpriced snacks but that’s about it. Go shopping before your flight For calorie dense snacks and pack them in your carry on bag so that you don’t have to spend $100 in the airport on chips. Nuts, chips, PB&J, carrot sticks, hummus snack packs, whatever you like! Just remember, no liquids and make sure it fits in your bag.

Do Your Research In Advance

Yelp is an amazing app that allows you to create collections of restaurants in whatever city you are going to. Find restaurants that are vegan or have vegan options before you head to your destination and use the bookmark looking tab to add to a collection! Extra Covid Tip: Call to make sure they are open and find out what their hours are before you go to the restaurant.

Book an AirBnB or Hotel Suite With a Kitchen

Depending on how long you’ll be out of town, it’s more cost effective and less stressful to just pick up a few groceries and cook! Pick up some of your favorite frozen meals, get salad ingredients, noodles, bread, and drinks! If you have a sweet tooth, get a pint of non-dairy ice cream as well. When we were in New Orleans for 8 days, we spent about $120 at Whole Foods and only ate at restaurants for a few dinners and lunches while we were out. But on lazy days and breakfast time, instead of waiting for Ubers and finding restaurants before hunger hit us, we could eat the calories we actually need while still enjoying the city’s vegan food scene.

If you’re staying with family, grocery shop for yourself! Some of our families are not fully educated on how to cook for us. In order to avoid eating real butter, chicken broth or any animal product ending up in your meal, buy the necessary ingredients to eat vegan at their homes or take a trip to the store with them. If your family is open minded and wants to cook for you, send some recipes over in advance or offer to cook for them! The good thing is that whatever leftover vegan products they keep, they’ll be trying healthier alternatives and maybe buy it again when you’re not there.


These 3 tips make traveling easy! You don’t have to suffer or relapse! Enjoy your time and explore what the city has to offer. A lot of states and countries have plant based restaurants these days but saving a few extra dollars and time is always worth it!

Vegan Ranchero from Bearcat Cafe Uptown in New Orleans, LA

Glow Bowl from Flower Child in Dallas, TX

Beyond & Impossible Burgers, Beyond Bratwursts, Bacon Wrapped Jalepeno Poppers & Veggie Kabobs on my Dad’s smoker in Dallas, TX

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